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Push Alarm

Push Alarm

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Push Alarm

If your CCTV DVR or network IP camera supports email alerts, then you can also send push notification messages to mobile apps from these devices. Pushover, a mobile push message ,security camera push notifications, compared with security camera email notifications that may be spammed or blacklisted , are much better to alert you in real-time.

Platform for iOS and Android, assigns accounts a special email addressm,this email address forwards the email message as a push notification to their apps. So, any device that supports sending email can actually send a push notification.

For Ctronics  WIFI IP Cameras ,they all support Email alert and push alarm

Many video surveillance and security equipment manufacturers have not yet gotten around to implementing push message support directly into their devices. However, many DVRs and IP cameras have supported email notifications for many years.

Here are some of the types of security alarm triggers that are supported DVRs and IP cameras.

Video motion detection
Video loss on camera
Camera tamper detection
External Alarm Sensors: PIR motion sensor, magnetic door sensor, infrared trip wire
System bootup / reboot
Remote login failed

For Ctronics  wireless Cameras system ,they support Email alert and push alarm too.

(CNV)Color Night Vision IP Camera,Ctronics WIFI Wireless Security Camera Surveillance Bullet Camera IP65,Audio,HD 720P,30M IR,Motion Detect,Email Alert,PC,Phone,Tablet,CMS Remote,16G SD Included
CNV Color night vision:Bullet camera contain especially powerful image sensors that are more sensitive to light.This allows the sensor to absorb more visible light,which allows the cameras to continue to provide color in low-light conditions.If an incident should ever occur,CNV may provide you and the authorities with critical information such as the color of clothes or the color of a car.

Tip 1: Make sure you have enabled the “Motion Detection” and “Push Notifications”.

Tip 2: Check whether both your phone and your security camera with push notifications can access to the network.

Tip 3: Make sure your phone has allowed the IP camera App to send you security camera push notifications.

Tip 4: Test with another phone to see if you can receive IP camera phone push notifications.

Tip 5: Your router may fail to connect with the push notification server. Try to restart your router or test on another WiFi.

If you have more questions about security cameras with push notifications, please leave your comment below and we would love to help!